STE-M Siper



The STE-M Tire Siping Machine allows the operator to sipe both non-mounted and mounted tires with the same machine. For non-mounted tires, expandable rims are available (13″ to 24.5″) to fit over standard expanding hub of the STE-M Tire Siping Machine. For mounted tires, the expandable hub is swung out of the way; the wheel is fitted with the necessary adapter and rolled into the machine and siped. In either application a tire can be mounted, siped and dismounted in as little as 3 to 4 minutes. Any type of tire can be siped – new, re-cap, or used – as long as it has 5/32” of tread left. Drivers everywhere are asking for tire siping because it’s proven ability to increase overall tire performance.  If you are not offering tire siping you’re losing money and possibly customers.

Additional information

Weight 710 lbs
Dimensions 46 x 54 x 50 in

STE-M Siper - STE-M in Action

STE-M Siper - STE-M Siper

STE-M Siper - Hub Maintenance

Product Brochure
Expandable Hub Rim Trouble Maintenance
Budd & Dayton Adapters_10-09-2017
STE-M Complete Parts List & Assembly
MSDS Sheet
Operation Manual - US ONLY
Expanding Rim Parts List & Assembly
Expandable Hub Parts List & Assembly
Operation Manual - Icelandic
Operation Manual - Finnish
Operation Manual - Dutch
Operation Manual- Norwegian


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